The founder is Edward Park, a Korean born and raised in paris, France.The logo EDEURO is a combination of two words, ‘ed’ from Edward (or english word ‘aid’ as in helping) and ‘euro’ for ‘europa.VT is an acronym. It means value talk. Each VT is a communication module of 10 minutes each using Line, WhatsApp or Skype audio.Edward is training all the language coaches to adopt European method of teaching, based on role-play and engaging student to freely express their opinions without fear. Not only you will learn to speak fluently but also you will learn how to improve your social skills.
A) 99% of our language coaches are native speakers. They will share their cultural heritage while making sure you have the right pronunciation. For example, for english learners, all our coaches are from us, canada or uk, not from the philipines where english is not the first language.B) Our teaching methodology is inspired from the european way of teaching. it evolves around 3 poles, 1) have strong debate skills, 2) become a story teller, 3) enriching your knowlege of different culture.3) We don’t use books. We mostly use short videos from the target country as a base for our lesson plan. We believe in testing your comprehension of a real-life scenario and then debating upon what we watch.
Buying one VT each week is not enough.We strongly recommend to subscribe to our monthly basic or advanced plan, preferably the VT3 or the VT5 (3 VT/week or 5 VT/week) plan. One lesson plan may be distributed over several VT calls.Each lesson plan has the following elements:A) Prior to a VT call, you will be asked to watch a short video of a real life scenario with subtitles or a transcription.B) you will look up the dictionary for understanding the vocabulary.C) during the VT call, the coach will test your comprehension by asking you well-chosen questions about 1) the sequence of events, 2) the story, 3) the characters 4) the issues.D) Then will ask for your opinion on the issue, the news, the story.
Yes.You will receive a link of the short video to watch along with its subtitles and/or its transcription.After watching it, your will lookup the words in a dictionary to enrich your vocabulary.Try understanding the sequences, be able to put each scene in chronological order, understand its story and express your opinion about the issues.We strongly encourage you to review the subject prior to your next VT call.
Notification: you will receive a notification after payment of your VT plan from Naver or EDEURO admin. For multiple VT calls during the week, you will be responsible to arrange your schedule to be ready when your coach calls you.Cancelling and Rescheduling: Since no refunds are provided, please mindful that you can reschedule your VT if you notify your coach at least 24 hours before your next VT.Same day cancelation do not guarantee rescheduling from your coach. Your same day cancelled VT may be lost is the coach is not available for rescheduling.
Any reliable device that has line, Kakao, Whatsapp or Skype apps.You need a strong wifi or internet connection with enough minutes for each VT calls.You also need to be in a quiet place. We recommend a headset with a reliable microphone as a basic equipment.
Your assigned or chosen coach will initiate the call at the scheduled day and time of your VT.
For each 6 month subscription to one of our plans, we give you a 15% Coupons for any of our products.For your first vt plan, grab a 15% coupon for your next monthly plan.We regularly send you discounted coupons for monthly plan or offline class.We offer 15% for your first monthly plan when you accept a 1:1 class at your company.20% coupon will be given to you for a class of a minimum of 3 students.

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